Privacy Policy

The Privacy Statement informs about how Tysse Mechanical Workshop AS (organization number 993 973 891) collects and uses personal information.

Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS, at the general manager, is the treatment manager for the processing of personal data by the company. Where the daily responsibility is delegated, it will appear under each item. The delegation covers only the tasks and not the responsibility.

In this statement we explain what personal information we treat, how we treat these and what purpose the treatment has. The statement contains information that you require when collecting information from our website and our blog,, and (Personal Information Act, Section 19) when you are a customer with us or apply for a job with us, as well as general information on the collection, storage and use of personal data (Personal Information Act §18 1.ledd).

About Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS
Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS is a manufacturer of trailers, and our factory is located at Tyssebotnen in Osterøy, Norway. Registered address is Osterøyvegen 3166, 5284 Tyssebotnen. Contact information: .

1.0 Processing of personal information on, and

Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS’s market manager has the daily responsibility of Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS processing of personal information on our website, blog and reseller portal unless otherwise stated below. It is optional for those who visit the site to provide personal information related to services, for example by sending us requests, or receiving newsletters. The treatment basis is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS is the treatment manager for their websites. The site is stored at Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based site storage service. The site is maintained by Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS in cooperation with Visibility AS.

Web statistics
Tysse Mechanical Verksted AS collects unidentified and anonymous information about visitors at , and . The purpose of the collection is to develop statistics used to improve and further develop content on site and blog. Examples of what information is obtained is: how visitors use the site, what site the user is from, how many people visit the different pages, how long their visit lasts, what they click and what browsers are used.

The information is processed in an unidentified and aggregated form. Unidentified means that we can not track the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the entire IP address, but the IP address is automatically anonymized by deleting portions of the IP address and replacing it with a new code. By aggregate level is meant that all data is merged into a group and that data is not processed individually.

Tysse Mechanical Workshop AS uses Google Inc (Google) analytics tools on its website and blog, the information is stored with Google. Information from this tool is shared with our digital provider, Visibility AS.

Cookies or cookies

What is a cookie or cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you visit a website. Cookies help the site remember your settings (such as username, language, text size, and other pre-selection) for a certain period of time. Coockies are also used to improve functionality, to gather information for analytical purposes or for marketing purposes.

How do we use Cookies?
We use cookies to get information about how the site is used. We use this through Google Analytics which is a web analytics tool from Google. The information is stored on servers in the United States. The cookies collect information about which pages are visited, how long a visit lasts, the number of visits to the site, and what is the source of the visit (e.g., Google Search). We also use cookies to look at user behavior, such as clicking links, clicking blog posts, submitting contact forms, or enrolling at course and lunch meetings.

Your IP address is anonymized before it is sent to Google Analytics and the information sent does not contain any information that can identify you as a user. Therefore, we can not track actions for the individual user, but analyze the use of the site at an overall level.

Using cookies, our website and blog collects information for future advertising (Remarketing). An anonymized identity is stored in separate lists that are used for targeted advertising based on your online user behavior. In addition to the information being anonymized (unidentified), a certain number of users are required in the list before the lists are taken.

All browsers allow you to restrict cookie behavior or to disable them using browser settings. The browser also lets you review which cookies are stored on your computer, and to delete a single cookie or to remove all. You’ll find a link further down the page on how to do this.

The following cookies are used on our website:

_goGives visitors a unique ID that is constant from visit to visit.Allows us to see if users return to the site, but without identifying them.2 years after last visit
_gidDifferentiate users, like _ga.24 hours
_gatThe cookie is used to limit the number of queries to Google AnalyticsSaves no information1 minute
Used by Google Analytics to determine which links users click (if there are more like).2 years
_dc_gtm_UA-XXXXX-XXSet by Google Analytics to keep track of how many times a user visits the site, how the user came to the site and the country in which the user is located. The cookie also calculates a closing time for visiting.
AMP TokenThe AMP TOK contains a token that can be used to retrieve the client ID from an AMP client ID service. Other relevant values ​​may be opt-out * or error messages when retrieving this information.30 seconds to one year
_gac_ <area ID>Contains campaign-related information about the user. If Google Analytics and Google Adwords are linked, Adwords will read this cookie unless the user has opted out *.90 days
_gadsGoogle Adwords can be set to prevent a user from seeing the same ad over and over.Maximum 540 days

* With opt-out, you mean that you have blocked uploading cookies or cookies on your computer.

You can read more about Google’s privacy policy here:

You can opt out of Google’s use of opt-out cookies for Google Advertising Advertising and Privacy page:

If you do not want to be tracked, you can disable the use of cookies (opt-out) on your machine through the browser, you do here :

Use of Facebook Pixel: Tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Instant Articles and Audience Network.
Facebook is the owner of Instagram, Messenger, Instant Articles and Audience Network, and using Facebook Pixel therefore also covers these channels. A Facebook pixel is a plug-in or software located on our site that collects information to Facebook. The pixel collects information from the cookies (cookies) contained in your browser and sends it back to Facebook where the information is collected with data from your Facebook profile.

Information gathered may be related to your user behavior (demographic data such as age, gender, interests) or actions you perform as clicks on links. The information is only available at an anonymized and aggregated level. The information is used for analytical purposes, targeted advertising based on your remarketing (user behavior), and to identify audiences for advertising that have a profile that is similar to yours and therefore has a potential opportunity for having a similar action pattern or needs.

Information collected via Facebook pixel, saved from 90 days to 2 years. The information is stored on servers at Facebook in the United States.

Other information collected through our website and our blog

Use of contact form on our website
When you use the contact form on our websites, we ask the following information: Name, E-mail address, Phone number, What your inquiry is about.

The purpose of obtaining and storing information is to answer and have a dialogue about your inquiry. The information is stored in our publishing tool Umbraco. The information will be saved as long as we find it appropriate.

Use of questionnaire / customer surveys
Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses the ResOp tool to evaluate customer satisfaction. Only employees in the Tysse Mechanical Workshop have access to the information. Information stored is your email address and we store it for up to 3 years, then the survey will be deleted. Depending on how the survey is designed, your answers will be anonymous or traceable. In anonymous polls, your answers will be anonymous, but if you voluntarily enter your contact information in the reply form, this will be saved and processed as specified above. Particularly in our dealer follow-up, such surveys could be traceable. The individual will then be informed of this and have the opportunity to reserve for the investigation.

Registration Newsletter
Tysse Mechanical Workshop sends out newsletters 6-10 times a year by email. In order to receive this, you must register your e-mail address with us. We use the Campain Monitor tool, which is the data processor for the newsletter. If you sign up for the newsletter, your information will be deleted.

Comments on blog, sharing blog posts
Tysse Mechanical Workshop As has not commented on their blog, no information is stored.

Use of other tools

Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses the Hotjar analysis tool to analyze user behavior on the web pages. The tool is used to make the site more user-friendly. Information collected is movements, clicks, and general behavior of the site. The information is gathered based on your IP address, but this will be anonymized and information will only appear on an aggregated level. Data is stored for a maximum of 365 days.

Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses the VWO analysis tool to analyze user behavior on the web pages. The tool is used to make the site more user-friendly. Information collected is movements, clicks, and general behavior of the site. The information is gathered based on your IP address and all information is anonymized. Information can be displayed on both aggregated and detailed levels, but without the personal level of use known.

More about information at the individual level
VWO can with its camera function play a single user’s behavior on the web pages. The information is anonymized and it is not possible to connect the information with IP address, e-mail address or other identifiers. The information is used for analytical purposes only.

At the individual level, a user may be asked to answer simple questions, such as why they visit the webpages, what information they expect to find, and about the user experience. The user may be asked to volunteer to provide his e-mail address. The information is stored for up to 100 days before it is deleted.

Server log on site
All visits to our web sites are stored in a log on our server. The information stored is the IP address from the device that visits the site. The information is collected in connection with the operation of the website, to ensure security / avoid hacking.

2.0 Processing of personal information in our support systems

Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses ResOP project management tools to distribute tasks. Information stored may be the name, e-mail address and phone number of contacts related to the company with which we have an appointment. The information is registered and used to facilitate the dialogue with the customer and is deleted within 3 years after the customer relationship is terminated or when the attached person no longer works for our customer.

Microsoft AX – Storage of Customer Information
Microsoft AX is Tysse Mechanical Workshop’s ERP solution with the need to record contact information, purchase information and any project information from our customers. Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS is the data manager for data stored in our version of Microsoft AX. Microsoft Power BI is used as a reporting tool. Data collected is customer name (company), contacts: name, e-mail address, job title, telephone number and customer dialogue in connection with assignments as well as purchase data such as orders, package leaflets, invoices, payments, etc. The information is used for dialogue with a customer and is deleted within 3 years after the customer relationship has been terminated or when the employee is no longer working for our customer, if no longer required retention time is determined by laws and regulations (accounting act, bookkeeping act, VAT law, etc.).

Email and phone
Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses email and telephone as part of their daily work to be able to interact and respond to requests from potential customers, former customers and other partners. Each employee is responsible for deleting messages that are no longer relevant and should review at least once a year and delete unnecessary content in the e-mailbox. Upon resignation, e-mail account will be closed. Relevant emails will usually be transferred to colleagues.

Sensitive personal information should not be sent by e-mail. We note that regular email is not encrypted. We therefore encourage you to show caution and not send confidential information, sensitive data or confidential information by email.

Search for a job at Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS
If you apply for a job at Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS, your application with documentation will be stored for up to 1 year after the expiration of the application deadline. The information obtained is name, address, contact details, CV and diplomas / certificates. Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS is the treatment manager and the purpose of the treatment is to evaluate your application against vacancies in the company. Where we use an external recruitment agency, the information will be shared with these.

3.0 Other matters where we register personal information

Registration of visitors at Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS
For the sake of fire or evacuation of our factory, Tysse Mechanical Workshop has introduced access control with registration of visitors. The information is stored in the Microsoft Excel solution and the information stored is name and company.

Use of 3rd party / subcontractors
Tysse Mechanical Workshop uses subcontractors to assist in the operation and storage of collected personal data. In their assistance, they will be given access to personal information. There have been statutory data processing agreements with these.

4.0 Rights

You are entitled to access personal information about you and how they are treated. You also have the right to have the information corrected, deleted or restricted to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Information Act.

You can contact us at for access, change or deletion of information.

The processing of personal data is based on your consent and you can withdraw your consent at any time.
If you believe that Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to appeal to the relevant supervisory authority, which in Norway is the Data Inspectorate, you will find contact information on their websites .

Contact information:
Tysse Mekaniske Verksted AS Osterøyvegen 3166 5284 Tyssebotten Phone: 56 19 32 00 E-mail: